A new paradigm for humanity

“no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”

Albert Einstein


A new operating system for civilisation

Our Movement advocates a different way of organising societies so as to bring out the best of human nature; a different way to relate to each other so as to elicit cooperation rather than self-interest; a different way to define what it means to be human.


A world in crisis, a model about to crack

The model of civilisation that defines the global society of the present may have brought us great advances in health, technology and wealth, but it is profoundly flawed and has reached its sell-by date. The problems that derive from this model are legion and increasingly intractable.

Our logical system
Global warming
Mass migration
Chronic disease


A leap in consciousness

The Movement offers practical ideas for reforming almost everything: democracy, free markets, economic policy, justice, and even agriculture. But the new paradigm also requires an inner, personal transformation in each person—the drive to attain a higher degree of self-awareness.

Proposals for Progress


Economists try to quantify economic activity using a variety of metrics and indicators, but the most widely used to...

Health & Medicine

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Liberty is a relatively recent invention. Modernity—everything that we associate with modern life, like free ...

Scientific Inquiry

The Power and Limits of Reductionism The roots of the First Dimension approach to science can be traced to the e...

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The Next Enlightenment, by William Nanda Bissell, examines the key constructs of our current model of civilisation and where they came from. It shows us that this system is the root cause of virtually all the dire problems we face today, from poverty to terrorism, from chronic disease to pollution, from corrupt politics to failing schools. It replaces this system with a new vision—a proposal for reforming all the institutions that support modern civilisation: democracy, free markets, the justice system, economic policy, medical practice and even agriculture.

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